Chou Wen-Chung


Sizhu Eternal Pine Trio for Pipa, Di, and Luo-gu

Year 2013
Duration 15:00
Published By C.F. Peters

Compared to Sizhu Eternal Pine for Six Traditional Chinese Instruments, which embodies the spirit of Korean Zheng Yue (正樂), an emotional adaptation of the Southern Song Dynasty in China, the trio version of Sizhu Eternal Pin is a further reinterpretation reflecting the charm of Southern Song poetry and music. Therefore, the emphasis is on minimizing the number of instruments while amplifying Chinese emotions, akin to the melancholy found in Southern Song poetry. Consequently, in terms of melody, only the flute (Di) and the lute (pipa) are utilized. Given the pronounced contrast in the application of percussion instruments between Chinese and Western music, Chinese percussion does not necessarily rely on volume or rhythmic repetition, as is often the case with Western percussion. Instead, it can express lyrical sentiments and enhance tonal variations. For instance, instruments like the Da-Tang drum or Da Mang, when lightly struck, can profoundly convey the mournful emotions of “The sound of the midnight bell reaching the passenger ship.”

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