Chou Wen-Chung


Established in 2003, Spiralis Music Trust is dedicated to invigorating the vision and promoting the ideas advocated by the composer Edgard Varèse, and those artists whom he influenced and who continue to advance these ideas, including his protégé and literary executor Chou Wen-chung. Spiralis honors Varèse for his legacy of having reached out beyond his own cultural environment in pursuit of universal artistic expression, and encouraging the merger of Eastern and Western musical heritages.

Spiralis seeks to promote the work of composers and musicians who remain true artists amidst a global tide of encroaching commercialism. The Trust supports projects that seek to deepen the cultural conviction and consciousness of these artists and their audiences.

The name “Spiralis” (Latin for “spiral”) reflects Varèse’s belief that music, open and unbounded, is sound moving in spiraling trajectories. Spiralis’s logo is the Chinese calligraphic character “wu” meaning “beyond.” The philosopher Chou Tun-I posited that the Supreme Ultimate is beyond the Ultimate.

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