Chou Wen-chung

Varèse Scores completed, revised or edited by Chou Wen-chung

Out of the 17 existing works by Varèse, the current editions of the following eight works were prepared by Chou Wen-chung.

Amériques for orchestra (1929), new edition prepared from manuscript, Ricordi, New York (1972)

"Performance Edition" of the original version of Amériques (1921-22), prepared from manuscript in 1996, Ricordi, NY (1998).

Density 21.5 (1936), engraved and corrected under Varèse's supervision for New Music Edition.

Dance for Burgess (1949), manuscript prepared by Chou in 1949 and revised in 1998, Ricordi, NY (1998).

Intégrales, new edition prepared by Chou, Ricordi, New York (1980)

Nocturnal, edited and completed from composer's notes and sketches by Chou, Ricordi, NY (1972)

Octandre, new edition revised and edited by Chou, Ricordi, NY (1980)

Tuning Up (1946), edited and completed from fragments of Varèse's incomplete sketches, 1998, Ricordi, NY (1998).

Etude pour Espace (1947), edited with spatialized orchestration, Ricordi (2009)