Chou Wen-chung

I am influenced by the philosophy that governs every Chinese artist, whether he be poet or painter, namely, the affinity to nature in conception, allusiveness in expression, and terseness in realization. — Chou Wen-chung (from program note to And the Fallen Peaks, 1955)

Photo of Guilin landscape, natural source of calligraphic lines.



The word pien means transformation. In philosophy, pien is synonymous with the term I of I Ching

From Discipline to Creativity

Technique is the catalyst that leads to a crystallization of perception.


…Without a living heritage, the future will be hollow.

Arts & Philosophy


Qin inset image

Over 100 symbols… are used in its finger notation.


Calligraphy inset image

Calligraphy is the origin of all arts in Chinese culture.


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Landscape has inspired all artists in Chinese culture.