Chou Wen-chung

One must search beyond the procedures of a musical practice, discern its original aesthetic commitments, and trace how its tradition has evolved. If one is blessed with a cross-cultural heritage, one must then regard it as a privilege and obligation to commit oneself to the search in both practices. — Chou Wen-chung (from Sights and Sounds: Remembrances, 1990

Cultural Exchange

Chou conceived the idea of a structured cultural exchange in 1972 on his first return to China. With the agreement of Chinese cultural and political leaders in 1977 and the support of US foundations, he established The Center for US-China Arts Exchange at Columbia University in 1978.

About The Center for United States-China Arts Exchange
The programs of the Center are designed to stimulate public interest in the arts of both countries…
Excerpts from “Intellectual Climate in China Since the Tiananmen Events”
A discussion of the contemporary crisis in Chinese culture, and its implications.
Newsletter Archive, 1981-1995
Low resolution scans of 10 issues of the Center for US-China Arts Exchange newsletter, in JPEG format.

Yunnan Nationalities Cultures Project

Yunnan is one of the most ethnically and culturally diversified regions of the world. The Center’s goal is to create a model for integrating conservation and development.